As a MemberCourse Member, am I considered a ‘Member’ of your participating courses?
As a Member of MemberCourses, you are considered a guest of the participating Course and treated with the utmost respect. You will have access on a pay to play, pay to dine basis. Access restrictions vary from course to course so check with the course staff for details.

Am I permitted to bring guests with me to participating courses?
Guests are not permitted to play at our participating courses unless they are also a Member of MemberCourses, or if the participating course is a public course, and the guest pays the associated fees of the course at that time.

Is there a dress code when playing at participating Courses?
It is your responsibility to be sure you dress in appropriate golf attire and act accordingly when visiting any participating courses and apply to the rules and dress code of that particular course.

Will I be required to show ID when visiting participating courses?
You will be required to show your ID when checking in to play golf at all of our participating courses.

Can my Membership be used for tournaments?
Your MemberCourses Membership cannot be used for tournaments. Each course and each tournament will have their own rules as to who can play in their tournaments. There will be very rare instances when your MemberCourses Membership may not be used for play on limited days due to conflicting scheduled events at participating courses.

How far in advance may I make reservations to play golf?
You may contact any course in our Lineup 4 days in advance to make tee time reservations.

How many cities are you in?
MemberCourses is currently only in Kansas City but will be growing into other markets soon. Whenever a new city is added, we will notify our Members via our website and emails to take advantage of these new courses.

Will your course lineup change? We will be continually adding courses to our lineup and providing new playing opportunities to our Members. Due to circumstances out of our control, MemberCourses reserves the right to alter our course lineup at any time.

What is OverKC’s affiliation with MemberCourses?
OverKC is a premier sponsor and partner with MemberCourses. OverKC is providing access to discounts and other benefits to the members of MemberCourses.

How do I get my business involved with MemberCourses? If you or your organization is interested in marketing/partnering with MemberCourses, please email us at info@membercourses.com or call us at 855-531-GOLF

How long is my commitment with MemberCourses?
The minimum commitment when you join MemberCourses is one year.

Can I cancel my Membership before my year is up?
During your first 30 days as a MemberCourses Member, you have the option to cancel your Membership if our program does not meet your needs or expectations. After the first 30 days, you may not cancel your Membership until your 1-year anniversary date has subsided.

How do I get my Membership card?
Your membership card will be mailed to you within 5-7 businesses days from your sign up date.

What happens if I lose my Membership card?
If you lose your membership card and do not have a smartphone, there will be a $7.99 fee to reproduce your Membership card. In order to obtain your Membership card, you will need to provide a valid ID card such as a Driver’s License.

How do I change information in my account?
You may make profile and billing changes to your account at any time by logging into your account at membercourses.com.

What happens if I let my membership expire, or I fail to make proper payment?
If your account expires or if you fail to make a payment within the terms of the agreement, MemberCourses charges an administration fee of $14.95 to resume your standing as a valid member.

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